~ NEWS ~
MARCH 2019
  • The Company ship Lady Jane Dundas journals of which are soon to be started for its voyage 1805-7 to China.
  • The Company ship Wexford on its maiden voyage to China in 1803/4 has now been added.
MAY 2018
  • Account of a naval engagement with the French in the Indian Ocean in 1805 - see 'Events' section.
  • The Company ship Cumberland on its voyage to China in 1805/6 has now been added.
  • The following two items are all published within one document - the fourth voyage of the Ganges.
  • The log of the last voyage of the Ganges 1805-7, along with the Absence Book and Imprest Book.
  • In addition to the above is our account of Captain Harington's struggle to keep his ship afloat.
JUNE 2017
  • The loss of the Lady Burgess, article added to the Events section.
  • The loss of the Ganges, article added to the Events section.
  • The Company ship Earl Saint Vincent on its voyage to Bombay has now been added.
January 2017
  • The Company ship Repulse on its voyage to the far east in 1831 has now been added.
November 2016
  • This is a new website dedicated to full transcriptions of HEICS ships logs from the early 19th century. Previously the transcriptions were hosted on During this conversion the pages have been revised and enhanced with new colours and new pages, including a general index of crew and passenger lists. The logs transferred from the old site are: Northampton (2) 1801, Huddart 1806, Northampton (2) 1807, Lord Keith 1810, Juliana 1812, Warren Hastings (5) 1815, Warren Hastings (5) 1819, Warren Hastings (5) 1823, Warren Hastings (5) 1825, Vansittart (4) 1826.